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You are one step closer to homeownership!

While you wait to close on your new home and get the keys, there are a few things to do along the way.

I've detailed the next steps to take on this page, but am always available if you have any questions!


I'm here if you need clarification/recommendations/etc! As always you can send me a message

Obtain a lawyer

You will need to obtain a lawyer prior to closing. I suggest within a month of the closing date, but the sooner the better. They will do the title search 2-3 weeks prior to closing. Then, within a week or so of the closing date, they will go over any adjustments, closing costs, and final documents with you. They will schedule this appointment with you to meet and sign all the final documents & transfer the final funds!

Research Home Insurance

You will need to have house insurance set up for the day of closing. It's always best to look into different policies to find the right fit, or see if you can bundle with your other insurance (auto, life, etc.).

This needs to be set up and ready to start on the day of closing for title to transfer to you!

Look into services + utilities

During this time, it's also helpful to look into setting up utilities and services for the day of closing. You can also start notifying applicable accounts of your address change and your closing date!

Final Walkthroughs

We will have 2 walkthroughs. The first is normally for photos, measurements, and to show loved ones your new place.
The second will be a few days before closing for us to ensure it has been left in good condition, all appliances are working, etc.

I will reach out to you to set this up.

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