My first priority when working with buyers is to understand their wants and needs, and then provide the proper information and resources to educate them throughout the process. I want to ensure that your purchasing decision is made from a fully informed position. I always make sure buyers are aware of the present and future value as well as the current market conditions. Knowing how much a home is actually worth today and what it could be worth tomorrow is absolutely key to making the right decisions.


Your home is likely the largest single investment you are ever going to make and I accept, enjoy, and embrace my responsibility to provide you with the fullest and soundest knowledge base for your purchasing decisions.



I understand that a house is not just a valuable asset, but is a home as well. When it comes time to sell your home, I'm not there just to list it and stick a sign in the lawn. I become your partner in the home selling process - someone you can trust, an advisor who understands the market, and knows how to market. I know the realities of the marketplace and develop a complete strategy to expose your home to the largest possible audience. My knowledge, professionalism, and marketing tools will enable you to sell your home with the best possible results.

I'll work with you to ensure you are informed every step of the way. I have a team of trusted advisors I work with - including lenders, solicitors, and accountants to ensure the most professional and complete selling process. Through open communication, I can assist you in making informed decisions before, during and after a sale.




Whether it is a tiny bungalow with an accessory apartment, or a 30-unit multi-residential apartment building, I have all the necessary tools and know how to make sure you are buying the right kind of investment.

I can provide knowledge, advice, and information on what the best investments to buy are and which ones to avoid. I keep track of market trends such as vacancy rates and average market rents to keep you informed. ​I'm passionate in helping clients find the right property based off of their goals - whether you want cashflow, market appreciation, or forced appreciation - I will help you find the right property type. I understand that each investor is at a different stage in the game and cater to your individual real estate needs.